Simple 2D chat engine

iP is a free revolutionary 2D Avatar Visual Chat software. Its main features are numerous and include scalable 32 bit full color 672x672 Avatars made from up to 16 224x224 props.

It also features state of the art built in editors for Avatars, Rooms, Server Settings, Scripts and more. All of the Administration of your iP server can be done remotely within the iP client software.

It also includes:

Multiple levels of Server Staff, 12 moderation tools to deal with troublesome users. User client moderation tools so that users can deal personally with annoying people.

Room editing, including uploading of media can be done easily within the iP client interface. Any room can have built in AVs, viewable and selectable within a pop up panel.

Users can scale AVs (1 pixel to 2x normal), flip AVs horizontally or vertically with simple commands. AVs can be shared with a simple right click menu item. And are automatically saved to the prop set.

Join the growing iP community today, download the free iP client software, and begin having fun!